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Reconnective Healing

Reconnective healing® (RH) is a return to balance within the body, mind and soul; put simply it’s about feeling better in yourself. It is based upon the knowledge that the body has the capacity to heal itself, without the need for surgery or pharmaceuticals, given optimal conditions. It is a hands-off process whereby the practitioner and the client interact with the universal RH frequencies that bring about, often instantaneous, healings on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level that tend to be lifelong.

It is being taught at hospitals and universities across the world and many surgeons, physicians, nurses and physiotherapists now incorporate RH into their daily work. Nourish offers 60-minute RH sessions during which you will be lying fully clothed face up on a therapy table with your eyes closed in a naturally relaxed position. If you anticipate this to be physically difficult or uncomfortable this isn’t a problem as the session can just as easily be carried out with you sitting in a chair.

RH often gets lumped together with other energy healing modalities such as Reiki but this new way of interacting with the body’s bio-energetic field, brought to us by the work and teachings of Dr. Eric Pearl; appears to operate on a broader ‘bandwidth’ which incorporates not only energy but light, and within that, information is transmitted. The presence of RH frequencies has been confirmed by over two-dozen international studies. Six studies have demonstrated cellular changes in a response to RH frequencies with actual restructuring of DNA. Five studies published in peer-reviewed journals, have demonstrated physiological, psychological or immune function benefits as a result of RH.

Further information on the origins and the science of Reconnective Healing® can be found on and in Dr Eric Pearl’s book The Reconnection: Heal yourself, Heal others.

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