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"Over the last 15 years I have struggled with pain and bloating in my stomach as well as loose stools. I have been to the doctors and had countless tests over the years - the result each time has always concluded it's IBS, of which no treatment has been provided. The problems with my stomach effect my every day life so when I heard about FODMAP I was extremely keen to give it a go.
Kirsty's detailed knowledge and guidance made the process very easy. She helped me to takeout all FODMAP food by giving me meal advice and substitutes, which was brilliant. I did the FODMAP diet for approx 2months and for the first time in 15 years all my symptoms disappeared. With Kirsty's support I was able to pin point the foods that cause my problems and I have now removed them from my diet. I cannot recommend Kirsty enough for the difference she has made to my everyday life. "

LN, Brighton

“I considered Reconnective healing because I thought it would help to rebalance and relax my daily stresses to help the pain in my hip and pain I have had in my back since I broke it last year. It was something I had not heard of before but after reading Nourish website I thought it was worth trying. I must confess that I sent my daughter first. She was in a desperate state as she was in the depths of an eating disorder and we felt that reconnective healing may help.

During Reconnective healing it was very relaxing I had a mixture of different feelings from heaviness in my body, to seeing different colours and felt that the pain was leaving my body through my shoulder blade which continued after my treatment.
After the first session I felt very relaxed, the pain in my hip and back had reduced. After my second and third appointments, my pain and stress levels are better than they have been in years. I feel like a different person and I am able to deal with life in a more relaxed way. I have recommended Nourish Brighton to many friends, some of whom who have tried alternative treatments before and some who haven't. I haven't heard a negative comment from them in regards to the healing! Kirsty is a natural healer that will change your life, she certainly has changed mine and my family.”

JF, Hurstpierpoint

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